Gas Bottle Gages

Gas Bottle Cover – 45kg Dual LPG Bottles

Gas Bottle Cage Range.

Post Impressions Lockable Gas Bottle cages are safe storage of your gas bottles. Gas bottles are often an essential part of a home/business/campgrounds for heating and cooking. Secured to the ground and house or fence. Height compatible with a range of regulator and pipes, as these need to be protected from harsh elements.

Vents at the top and bottom help ensure gas pooling is prevented. Supporting your gas bottles stay cool in the summer and protected in the winter. . Post Impressions gas bottle covers discourage easy theft of bottles, whilst improving the aesthetics of your utility area by simply hiding the ugly, yet essential gas bottles.


  • Material:  Next Generation is an alloy Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium hot-dip coated on steel plate for high corrosion resistance, strong powder coat adhesion and far superior aesthetic appearance and strength.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • H: 1700mm – W: 1015mm -D: 450mm
  • Stock colour is Powder coated Matt Flaxpod
  • Custom colours to match your colour palette are available. Any additional one off charge may apply.
  • Low maintenance.
  • NZ designed and manufactured.


  • Unit is mounted to the ground or concrete pad by simply screwing it down to the ground and wall.
  • Combination locks can be added to your order.


  • DIY kit’s with simple instructions to construct.
  • Or we can direct you to a 3 party installers.
  • Mounting the gas bottle cover onto a level platform enables ease of use.


  • Nationwide with manufacturing in the North and South Island.

Retail Price

Post Impressions Dual LPG 45kg bottle cover $1595.00

Optional Extra’s

Combination lock $49