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My Food Safe – Your solution for food freshness

Thanks to the Post Impressions team, your weekly food subscription box can get delivered and still be there waiting safely when you get home.

What if you could just leave work and go straight home to find your dinners for the week waiting for you all nicely chilled and safe. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

When deciding whether to sign up for a food subscription box in NZ, one of the most critical issues for many people is safe delivery. No one really wants to sit around the house and wait for 1–4 hours for their delivery to show up and sadly, most of us have to go out to work.

At Post Impressions we are all about safe food subscription box delivery.

Online food subscription box – a wonderful time and money saver

When you have a job away from home, having food delivered is not exactly straight forward, right? The major obstacles in the way are a door and keeping stuff cold and safe.

No one wants to end up eating bad food, or throwing food away, just in case. It puts you in at risk of getting sick, or creates unnecessary food waste. Nor does anyone want their food box delivery nicked – creating unnecessary financial waste.

Consumer research indicates that the ability to keep products cold, fresh, and safe to eat plays quite a role in people’s decisions to sign up for a food subscription box in NZ. The last thing anybody wants are food bag deliveries left outside the front door for too long, so they thaw or get they too warm before you get home to bring them safely inside.

Fresh food delivery problem solved

Simply get in touch to get meal kits delivered and safely stored at your place.

food subscription boxes nz

My Food Safe – chiller boxes to keep your food subscription deliveries cool and safely stored until you get home.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for My Food Safe, lockable chiller boxes. Courier lock boxes that are large enough for weekly food subscription box delivery and smart enough to keep them chilled. The answer to food freshness and safety.

My Food Safe

Chilled delivery boxes

The answer to food box delivery

Keeping food fresh and safe to eat requires a clever solution. Luckily, at Post Impressions we have one. Our My Food Safe has insulation within its walls so products inside are kept cold. Our lockable, galvanised steel coolers are guaranteed to stay colder, longer. Your weekly dinners stay fresh.

You can still use ice packs if you wish, and the good thing is the ice packs do not thaw quickly inside the cooler and fewer are needed.

My Food Safe

The answer to how you can have perishable goods intact and at the correct temperature when you get home after a long, hard day.

  • Combination lock with a key for added security
  • Thermal insulation with the addition of freezer pad slots
  • Courier can place your order in My Food Safe and then push the button to lock
  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Dulux Duralloy finish
  • Custom colour options.

Buy with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured chiller boxes for food subscription deliveries. Call 021 799 520.