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My Food Safe

My Food Safe for Groceries, Wine or Online purchases.

Courier lock boxes that are large enough for weekly supermarket shopping delivery and smart enough to keep them chilled.
My Food Safe, lockable chilled delivery boxes, will keep your meals and online purchase deliveries cool and safely stored until you get home.
No longer do you have to wait at home all day for the courier to arrive.

  • My Food Bag, Hello Fresh or Supermarket shopping delivery.
  • My Food Safe is simple, versatile and as easy as pie!
  • Wine delivery or online parcels safely delivered and stored
  • Combination Iock with a key for added security
  • Thermal insulation with the addition of freezer pad slots

The courier can place your order in My Food Safe and then push the button to lock.
Safe, secure and chilled. Ready when you arrive home after a long, hard day.

  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Dulux Duralloy finish
  • Custom colour options available at an additional charge
  • Additional freeze pads metal compartments – $20 each additional

Cost: $695.00 including GST
Chilly pads not included

Delivery: POA

  • Auckland
  • North Island
  • South Island

My Food Safe

Supermarket food shopping, home meal delivery, My Food Bag, Hello Fresh, Bargain Box, Woop, Plate up, NZ Wine Society, alcohol delivery or simply a special parcel or online purchase delivery. These chilled delivery boxes can take care of the lot.
Our home delivery food safe box will solve the problem of not being home, or your being worried about your deliveries being stolen or spoiling.
For safety, you can leave the courier box locked at all times. The courier will unlock via code on delivery.
Place frozen pads to keep the insulated food safe cool the day of food delivery.
Enjoy the versatility of having your online purchases delivered to the same home delivery box and kept secure.
My Food Safe is simple, versatile and as easy as pie!


My Food Safe Size:
Height: 500mm
Width: 700mm
Depth: 600mm

Galvanised Steel

Colour ways:
Powder coated Dulux alloy range: Matt Black Silver or White.
Freezer pads not included.
Additional freezer pads compartment available for purchase.

Custom Colours:
by arrangement at additional cost