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Home Courier Box – My Food Safe

Home parcel safe delivery – My Food Safe

Home Courier locked boxes that are large enough for weekly supermarket shopping delivery and smart enough to keep them chilled.
My Food Safe, lockable chilled delivery boxes, will keep your meals and online purchase deliveries cool and safely stored until you get home.
No longer do you have to wait at home all day for the courier to arrive.

  • Home Delivery: Designer solution that is versatile,  safe, chilled and lockable  for your home food and beverage deliveries.
  • Safe and Lockable: Combination Iock included with a key for added security. Secure to your house or concrete pad.
  • Chilled: Thermal double skin insulation with the addition of freezer pad slots to place your freezer pad.
  • Weather sealed: My Food Safe is water tight for added security.
  • Colours: Standard or colour matched to your home.
  • New Zealand Designed and Manufactured.

My Food safe the courier box option: Safe, secure and chilled ready when you arrive home after a long, hard day.

  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Dulux Duralloy finish
  • Custom colour options available at an additional charge
  • Additional freeze pads metal compartments – $20 each additional

Cost: $695.00 including lock and GST
(Chilly pads not included)

Delivery: Nationwide POA


 Home Courier Box – My Food Safe

Home parcel safe delivery- My Food Safe

My Food Safe are safe and secure home delivery storage solutions for Food and Meal plan deliveries. Receive your supermarket home delivery,  meal plan,  wine and beer delivery at any time safe and secure to your door. My food safe is la type of courierbox thermally insulated for food items delivered directly to your home. Your courier safely stores your nominated combination code or key to unlock and place your home meal delivery or supermarket shopping items into the chilled food safe.
Thermally insulated with a second skin specially designed with holders for your freezer pads. When you go out unlock my Food Safe, leave you freezer pads inside to keep extra cool, lock and leave until you arrive home.
For security: the food safe can be bolted to the house or concrete pad, remaining locked with your combination/key lock for added security.
My Food Safe is simple, versatile and as easy as pie!. Support New Zealand Made.


My Food Safe Size:
Height: 500mm
Width: 700mm
Depth: 600mm

Galvanised Steel

Colour ways:
Powder coated Dulux alloy range: Matt Flaxpod
Freezer pads not included.
Additional freezer pads compartment available for purchase.

Custom Colours:
Match to the colour of your home small additional charge on application.