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New Zealand Made Lockable Courier Boxes

We’re all about good deliveries

For lockable courier boxes created and manufactured in New Zealand, get in touch. Call 021 799 520.

This brilliant idea is one out of the box

Like online shopping? Worried about having your stuffed “uplifted” before you get home from work? Then our easy lockable courier boxes are the answer. Your parcels can be left in a lockable courier box at your front door if you’re not there. No more rushing to try and collect your parcels after work or bothering your neighbour with getting packages for you while you’re out.

We sell lockable courier boxes

Simply get in touch and your online purchases can be delivered and safely stored until you get there.

The way we shop is changing, so we think it’s time the modest letter box made the transition into the future too. We sell residential lockable parcel boxes for home deliveries.

With secure parcel safes you can receive letters, grocery deliveries and parcels – small to large – even a small wine box from the postie and from couriers. 

Purchase with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured delivery solutions.

Home Delivery Solutions

Lockable courier boxes for wine or parcel delivery. Keep your on-line shopping goodies safe and secure till you get home.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for New Zealand designed and manufactured lockable courier boxes.

Police are advising consumers to be vigilant

With online shopping driving a rise in courier deliveries, consumers are being urged more than ever to protect their parcels. Stuff reported that “porch pirates are roaming our streets, pilfering our purchases”.  In one particular incident reported in 2019, police had said parcels had been going missing and that a person on a push bike had been seen following couriers around, taking packages before they were taken inside by the intended recipient.
Lockable courier boxes will deter criminals. Packages will be out of site and out of mind. Our parcel boxes equal safe delivery.

Secure parcel safe

  • Size:
    Height: 300mm, Width: 415mm, Depth: 273mm
  • Material:
    Galvanised steel with stainless-steel door options.
  • Colour ways:
    Powder-coated in Dulux colours to client specification
  • Lock Options:
    Keys, RFID or digital combination lock

At Post impressions we can help you follow sound police advice to have packages delivered to a secure location where they can be left. That’s got to be good!