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New Zealand Made gas bottle covers

Tidy and secure your utilities area

Transforming the utilitarian into the stylish

Our lockable gas bottle covers are a stylish solution for home, baches, townhouses or businesses. 

Practical yet stylish, our gas bottle covers can be made to match your house colours and blend unobtrusively with the exterior of any building.

Give those unsightly gas bottles a makeover …

Post Impressions is here to redefine the New Zealand utility area. No longer will your precious outdoor area have to be dominated by huge gas bottles, ugly chains and concrete slabs you’re always stubbing your toes on.

We can integrate your gas bottles with the colour of your house, or apartment block. Simply get in touch to make the utilitarian disappear.

Our gas bottle hideaways can support two large 45 kg gas bottles, hiding them from sight as well as making them safe and secure by padlocking the doors.

Gas bottles in New Zealand

Most homes in NZ that use bottled gas use a Propane-Butane mix referred to as LPG. Most often people opt for bottled gas when natural gas is unavailable or too difficult or uneconomical to install.

What size gas bottles?

The standard size of gas bottle for most residential users is 45 kg, which is also the bottle size on the majority of bottled gas delivery plans.

Most households will run off two gas bottles at at time so there is a backup when one runs empty, ensuring an uninterrupted supply.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for durable, NZ designed and manufactured utility hideaways.

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Gas Bottle Covers

Utility Hideaways & Lockable Gas Bottle Covers

Our gas bottle storage boxes tick all the boxes

Gas bottle installation

  • Gas bottles must be kept upright to ensure the pressure relief valve functions correctly. They can not be subject to the accumulation of water so must on a solid base, such as concrete or pavers.
  • Gas bottles must be stored in a well ventilated space.
  • In order to keep gas bottles safe and secure, by law they must be contained in their own storage cage, or mounted against a building with a chain.

Our gas bottle covers

  • can be locked to ensure both your gas bottles are secure.
  • have vents in the top to prevent gas pooling and to ensure your gas bottles stay cool.
  • allow easy access so changing bottles and regulators is simple.
  • can be secured to the wall.
  • come in galvanised steel.
  • have a durable Dulux alloy powder-coated finish.
  • can be custom coloured to suit.


Purchase with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured products. Call 021 799 520