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New Zealand Made 9kg gas bottle cages

Keep your gas bottles safe & corrosion free

Making your place safe

Our gas bottle cages store your bbq and kitchen hob gas bottles safely. 
Normally used for a gas hob in a kitchen or an outdoor BBQ, 9kg gas bottles can now be safely stored and hidden away in our gas cages. Made from galvanised steel and powder coated in grey, the cages can be locked, will keep bottles of the ground, allow for air circulation and look great.

9kg gas bottles should never be sorted indoors, not even in the garage – a leak in a confined space is dangerous. Gas bottles need to be stored outside, on a level surface, well away from doors and windows and direct heat sources.

Keep those gas bottles safe …

LPG can be a dangerous gas. It is very heavy and does not easily disperse. It likes to hang around, which is why gas bottles should always be upright and outside where there is plenty of air movement.

9KG gas bottles should be 1m away from vents in walls, doors, drains and windows, and kept off the ground. Installing gas bottles under a house is not allowed.

Our gas bottle cages can keep 9kg canisters out of from sight as well as making them safe and secure. Simply get in touch to make the gas at your place safe and sound.

Gas lockers for New Zealand weather

Our quality storage cabinets are designed especially for outdoor use, with no risk of corrosion. They are relocatable and designed to withstand even New Zealand’s harsh climate.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for NZ designed and manufactured gas bottle cages.

gas bottle storage

9kg Gas Bottle Cages

Lockable 9kg Gas Bottle Cages

Our gas bottle storage cages tick all the boxes

Incorrect storage of gas bottles can be dangerous, and not being compliant with NZ legislation puts you and your home or business at risk.

  • Gas bottles must be kept upright to ensure the pressure relief valve functions correctly. They must on a solid base, such as concrete or pavers to ensure they’re away from water.
  • Gas bottles must be stored in a well ventilated space.
  • In order to keep gas bottles safe and secure, by law, they must be contained in their own storage cage, or mounted against a building with a chain.

Our gas bottle cages

  • Can be secured to the wall or pad
  • Are made of galvanised steel construction
  • Have a durable Dulux Alloy powder-coated finish
  • Custom colour options are available at an additional cost.

Cost: $440 incl GST
Delivery: POA


Purchase with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured products. Call 021 799 520