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NZ Made Courier Boxes For Your Place

Delivery to your doorstep sorted

For lockable parcel safes created and manufactured in New Zealand, get in touch. Call 021 799 520.

Online shopping – convenient and a money saver. Love it!

You’ve been on Trade Me or GrabOne, PostiePlus or Amazon, AliBaba or Mighty Ape and you’ve seen just the thing! It’s cheaper and you don’t have to drive all over town, get stuck in traffic, and then have to struggle to find a park. So, you click ‘Buy Now’.

But wait! You go out to work each day. You can’t be sitting around the house for hours waiting for couriers to show up just so you can open the door.

We sell clever courier boxes

Simply get in touch and your online purchases can be delivered and safely stored until you get there.

If you run a business, you’re a homeowner, an apartment dweller or someone who just wants to get parcels and online purchases delivered to your home, and be waiting intact when you get back, then our designer parcel safes are what you need.

Never visit the post office again with your card to call. With secure parcel safes you can receive mail, courier bags and parcels – small to large – even a small wine box.


Purchase with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured delivery solutions.

Home Delivery Solutions

Secure courier boxes for wine or parcel delivery. Keep your on-line shopping safe until you get home.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for Kiwi designed and manufactured courier boxes.

The major obstacle to having online shopping delivered to your place is you front door.

Our courier boxes solve a critical issue in effective online shopping: safe delivery. Our parcel boxes will make sure your goodies safe and sound and waiting for you.

Secure parcel safe

  • Size:
    Height: 300mm
    Width: 415mm
    Depth: 273mm
  • Material:
    Galvanised steel with stainless-steel door options.
  • Colour ways:
    Powder-coated in Dulux colours to client specification
  • Lock Options:
    Keys, RFID or digital combination lock

At Post impressions we are all about ways for you to have a  better experience with home deliveries and a happier you. That’s got to be good!