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Home Deliveries Can Happen

Thanks to the Post impressions team, your groceries can be safely delivered to your home, and you won’t have to be there to let them in.

You’re on your way home from work, you’re tired, you’re stuck in traffic, and then you have to struggle to find a park, have to trudge what feels like kilometres around a busy supermarket looking for something to cook before waiting in line to pay and then then hopping into your car and back into mind-numbingly slow traffic again. Oh, and it’s raining!

Or, you might have to lug your groceries home on the bus or train. Sound familiar? Sound dreadful?

What if you could just leave work and go straight home to find your grocery shopping already waiting for you all nicely chilled and safe. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Online grocery shopping – a wonderful time and money saver

But having food delivered is not as straight forward, right? The major obstacles in the way to getting grocery and food bag deliveries are a door and keeping stuff cold.

So, you get your weekly food bag delivered to work. No problem. Big problem. You and everybody else wants to store stuff in the fridge that is only big enough for a bottle of milk, 2 oranges and 1 container of leftovers.

Well, it’s back off to the supermarket then. Not necessarily.

We sell clever chiller boxes

Simply get in touch to get groceries delivered and safely stored at your place.

chiller boxes nz

My Food Safe – chiller boxes that will keep your meals and online purchase deliveries cool and safely stored until you get home.

Order online or call 021 799 520 for My Food Safe, lockable chiller boxes. Courier lock boxes that are large enough for weekly supermarket shopping delivery and smart enough to keep them chilled. No longer do you have to wait at home all day for the courier to arrive.

My Food Safe

Chilled delivery boxes

My Food Safe

The answer to how you can have perishable goods intact and at the correct temperature when you get home after a long, hard day.

  • Combination lock with a key for added security
  • Thermal insulation with the addition of freezer pad slots
  • Courier can place your order in My Food Safe and then push the button to lock.
  • Galvanised steel construction
  • Dulux Duralloy finish
  • Custom colour options

The key to online grocery shopping

Imagine, no more unnecessary trips to the supermarket, and no more sitting around the house waiting for the delivery truck to show up – just to open the door. If you are not at home, My Food Safe will keep your food box or grocery deliveries cool and safely stored.

One of the most critical issues in making online grocery shopping possible is safe delivery. No one really wants to sit around the house and wait for 1–4 hours for their delivery to show up and sadly most of us have to go out to work

At Post impressions we are all about creating new ways for you to have a much better experience with home deliveries. Better deliveries equal more free time and that makes for a happier you. That’s got to be good!

Buy with confidence as you support New Zealand designed and manufactured chiller boxes. Call 021 799 520